Portable Projector Small Straight Projector For Home Use 180 Degrees Projection Angle Automatic Focus Home Video Projector

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1.【The Freestyle Projector】Magcubic latest HY300 projector features a unique exterior design and Hi-chip A3100. Equipped with 1GB+8GB ROM storage, it can stream movies, shows, live sports, and music from your phone or laptop. (Built-in 3W*1 HiFi speakers)

2.【2.4/5G WiFi & BT 5.0 Video Projector】Magcubic HY300 Portable Projector equipped with the latest 5G dual-band WiFi, with higher transmission rate and lower latency, a few seconds will be wirelessly synchronized to get a big screen. Built-in BT 5.0 chip, the projector allows you to connect the ideal Bluetooth speaker/headphone at any time and save every detail of the sound effect to offer you different sound scenes. (Not support to connect smart phone, laptop’s Bluetooth)

3.【Auto Keystone Correction】 The HY300 mini projector adopts manual focus and auto keystone correction technology, a built-in high-precision sensor, that detects real-time movement and focuses faster and more accurately. Please use manual focus after the projector boots up. Auto keystone correction can automatically correct the image up and down. the left and right cannot adjusted.

4.【Multifunctional Smart Projector】 This versatile, intelligent miniature theater projector is easy to take anywhere: With a stand that rotates 180 degrees, you can position your image from floor to ceiling where you want it. The Freestyle gives you the flexibility to view your favorite images on the large 130-inch screen.

5.【Support 4K/ 720P FHD Home Theater Projector 】 With 1280*720 native resolution, 10000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio, and support Full HD 4K videos record. The Magcubic HY300 mini projector also has a 50% zoom function and lowers noise to 25 dB, ensuring an impressive sound environment.

Product information:

Resolution: XGA (1024x 768)

Power: 48W

Color: HY300

Energy efficiency level: None

Specifications: Overseas edition British regulations, overseas edition American regulations, overseas edition European regulations, overseas edition Australian regulations, domestic edition medium regulations

Brightness: 120

Contrast: 1500:1

Brightness (lumens): 120 ANSI lumens

Projection light source has a lifespan of 50000 hours

Lamp type 60W

Focusing mode manual focusing

Operation mode remote control operation

Projection distance 1.2-4 meters

The optimal projection distance is 1.68 meters

Projection size 40-130 inches

Horn 1 * 3W

Packing list:

Projector * 1 manual * 1 remote control * 1 charger * 1
Product Image:

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 180 × 150 × 240 cm

Black, HY300, Silvery


Remote control, American Standard, Australian Regulations, British Standard, European Standard

39 reviews for Portable Projector Small Straight Projector For Home Use 180 Degrees Projection Angle Automatic Focus Home Video Projector

  1. A***h

    이가격대 이 퀄리티면 미친 가성비
    no remark

  2. T***g

    가성비 매우 좋습니다!!
    no remark

  3. F***w

    제품이 파손돼서 왔어요
    no remark

  4. Y***s

    jak dla mnie działa super. wyraźny obraz zarówno przy zgaszonym jak i zapalonym świetle. mam nadzieję że posłuży mi przez długi czas! bardzo dobry dźwięk, cichy wentylator. uwielbiam go!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  5. N***c

    키스톤 조절도 잘되고 가성비 좋습니다

  6. Y***k

    very fast delivery,)super
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  7. W***r

    Très bon produit rapport qualité-prix
    expédié en France a des prix records

  8. B***d

    recomendado está bien chulo…. a pesar de la luz que ilumina mucho mi habitación está bastante clara la imagen
    no remarkno remark

  9. J***x

    Super projecteur avec beaucoup de fonctions. Tres facile d’utilisation. Je recommande 👌😍

  10. G***k

    Parfait, le vendeur ne m’avait pas menti

  11. P***c

    고주파수 소리가 납니다. 민감하신분들은 피하세요.

  12. R***p

    A projector for little money, with many features.
    Only problem is that the projector got dust on the display.

  13. I***w

    i don’t know how the product is i didn’t have any information about delivery and nor refund i’m waiting let’s see how it looks

  14. Z***f

    compré dos y voy por el tercero son mejores que tener una TV

  15. H***g

    el android es 11 pero me certificado.. yo lo uso por el HDMI EXCELENTE IMAGEN

  16. N***f

    빠른 배송. 가성비 매우 훌륭 양품 감사
    no remark

  17. U***k

    가성비로 넘 좋네요~ 이 가격에 이정도면 추천합니다.

  18. Y***j


  19. R***k

    배송은 10일이 넘게 오래걸렸으나 물건은 만족합니다

  20. Q***s

    물건은 좋으나 배송이 13일걸림 7일보장은 왜하는지 모르겠음

  21. C***t

    لم يتم استخدامه بعد

  22. R***d

    배송도 빠르고 가성비좋네요!

  23. B***u

    리모콘이 작동하지않는다

  24. O***j

    안에 나사굴러가는소리 빼면 좋아요

  25. T***e

    잘 됩니다 반나절 써봤는데 가격대비 엄청 만족 중입니다

  26. J***c

    배송도 빠르고
    싼마이로 좋습니다

  27. X***b

    배송이 빠르고 제품이 생각보다 좋아요

  28. W***h

    디즈니플러스 설치 안되요~
    no remark

  29. Y***u

    가성비 갑. 로켓배송입니다용.
    no remark

  30. Y***p

    Remote controller is not working.

    No answer and action from this seller.

    Do not buy it. Wasting money.

  31. G***u

    가격대비 성능너무좋아여
    작고가벼워 휴대용으로 딱입니다😃
    no remark

  32. S***c

    가성비는 좋은것 같아요. 화질은 티비랑 비교불가지만 영화관 느낌나서 분위기는 좋습니다.
    no remark

  33. J***u

    4일만에 도착했고 한국어도 지원하고 화질도 좋아서 만족합니다 유튜브 틀어둘 생각으로 주문한건데 넷플도 지원해서 꿀ㅎㅎ 스피커는 블루투스스피커 필수에요 돌아가는 소리도 그렇게 크지않아요
    no remark

  34. V***f

    배송 엄청빠름.
    박스 찌그러졌다.
    제품은 이상 없다.
    성능은 매우 만족한다.
    소리 들을만하다.
    매우 만족합니다.
    no remarkno remark

  35. T***j

    가볍게 누워서 보기 딱 좋음
    no remark

  36. C***f

    전원선이 헐겁 습니다 본체로 가는것도 그렇고 컨센트 쪽에도 헐겁습니다ㅠ

  37. G***k

    Good projector. main purpose fulfilled and got a good wide screen. speakers must required with it. thanks seller. I hope i will order again for my family and friends.
    no remarkno remark

  38. L***g


  39. B***a

    진짜 강추합니다. 내장 스피커도 괜찮아요
    블루투스 스피커어 연결해서 OTT 도 잘 보고 있어요..하나 더 사야겠어요~~

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